We've seen a good bit of Keith Urban lately, what with his recent No. 1 single 'You Gonna Fly,' his surprise induction into the Grand Ole Opry and his role as a celebrity coach on the Australian version of 'The Voice.' But one thing most of Urban's fans might not know is that between all of the appearances, the singer is also hard at work on his next record.

“I’m writing at a feverish pace and listening to songs,” Urban told the Tennessean. “It’s crazy. I get emailed songs all the time. When I’m not on the set on 'The Voice,' I’m in my trailer listening to songs and working feverishly on my record.”

After spending several weeks on vocal rest over the holidays, it seems Urban had a chance to reflect some on life and delve into the stories that make him who he is. For his album, he says he's going to explore those stories more and take on a new freedom in his songwriting.

“My intention for the record is to start exploring the stories in my own life,” he said. “There’s plenty of them, and I’ve been through a lot of things and there’s a lot more of that exploration that’s happening already. I think it is taking shape a little bit. It feels like it’s the first one. I’m really excited about it in a sense that this creative pull and voice and calling is the strongest I’ve ever felt it. I’m just going where it’s going.”

Though the album is taking shape, Urban's not dishing any details on the expected timeline of its release. In fact, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying taking his time on this one.

“I feel very blessed to not feel incredibly under a huge deadline to have a record out by a certain time,” he said. “It just needs to be the right record.”

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