Keith Urban takes fans behind the scenes on the set of 'American Idol' to show them where he and fellow judges Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez hang out when they're not critiquing hopeful singers' performances.

"We have this area back here where all the trailers are at," says Urban, adding that he thought it would be cool to show the fans this area.

The 'Cop Car' singer goes on to show Connick Jr. and Lopez's respective trailers, before stepping in front of a tiny U-Haul, saying, "And then ... mine is here."

As he slides up the back to show a cramped, dark, very humble space, he adds, "For some reason, there was some kind of communication mix-up."

As he sits on a folding chair with his wardrobe hanging next to him, Urban says comically, "It's cool. I'm not upset at the guys or anything like that. I got everything I need." In other words, just like his hit, he has a 'Little Bit of Everything' in his makeshift trailer, including a selection of belts, food, and his guitar.

The end of the video is the funniest as the Aussie singer shows off his 'boom box,' and shows off how great the sound is on his ... sound system. Throughout the entire video, Urban didn't crack a smile or let on that he was joking, which was all part of the fun.

Even though the three 'Idol' judges don't do a lot of hanging out during the commercial breaks of the singing competition, we imagine they have a lot of fun in the parking lot where all their trailers - -and Urban's U-Haul -- sit.

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