There's no better (or more permanent) way to bond with a girlfriend than by getting matching tattoos -- especially when they are meaningful pieces and mark momentous occasions! Singer and 'Dancing With the Stars' competitor Kellie Pickler and aspiring 'American Idol' hopeful Kree Harrison, a favorite to win Season 12, have pledged to get matching tattoos if they both win their current reality competitions.

That's not a stretch, since both Pickler and Harrison are doing incredibly well on their respective series. They've also been pals for quite some time.

Harrison revealed that Pickler is "one of my good friends." They met a few years ago via mutual friend in Nashville and quickly bonded. "She's a doll. I adore her," Harrison gushes. "She's literally the sweetest woman. She's inspiring in so many ways."

The ladies are obviously super close if they are planning to celebrate and mark their possible reality show wins with permanent artwork. "We've decided that if we win, which I know she's going to win 'Dancing With the Stars,' we're going to go get matching tattoos!" Harrison explains.

They have not mapped out exactly what the ink will be yet, but they are thinking about it. And they are not out of their minds to think ahead, since they are both topping the leaderboards on their shows.

Pickler has generously given Harrison some first-person advice on how to deal with the pressures of 'Idol,' since she herself competed deep into Season 5. Harrison revealed that Pickler's key piece of wisdom was to "Stay true to who you are," which is something the contender already planned on doing no matter how far she advanced into the competition.

We can't wait to see those tattoos!

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