Kree Harrison

With 'This Old Thing,' Kree Harrison Gets What She Wanted
There’s a song on Kree Harrison’s just-released This Old Thing album that will stop time. It’s an emotional ballad called “Wanted It That Way” that finds the 26-year-old singer eulogizing her mother Kathy, who died in 2009. The nearly blow-for-blow account of time …
The Showdown: Kree Harrison vs. Maddie & Tae
Wow, what a run for Kree Harrison. The former American Idol contestant has been laying low for a few years, but she's back in a big way with her new single, "This Old Thing," which will move on to the final round in competing for the Hall of Fame. She's posted some major wains re…
Kree Harrison Honors Prince With Nothing Compares 2 U
Kree Harrison is a huge fan of Prince, and admits news of his death tore her up on Thursday. The "This Old Thing" singer first paid tribute to him on Facebook, before visiting the Taste of Country studio for a moving version of his song "Nothing Compares 2 U."

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