The battle rounds begin on NBC's hit show 'The Voice' tonight (March 5), and Kelly Clarkson says the group of contestants she mentored is built to win. Both the pop singer and Miranda Lambert took six of Blake Shelton's 12 finalists and worked with them for a few days before intersquad head-to-head matchups began.

"My team is so much better. We're gonna be the two Texans going at it," Clarkson says with a smile and a laugh in a promotional video from NBC. "I think the other six should watch out." Fans can expect to see both women helping Shelton's team on Monday night.

Shelton and Clarkson are longtime friends, and she is a huge fan of 'The Voice,' so it made sense to include her as a mentor alongside Lionel Richie and Alanis Morissette, who are helping the other coach's teams. Clarkson says she wishes she could audition for the show. "I wanna see how many chairs turn around," she says.

The original 'American Idol' winner has been a longtime friend to country music, having recorded with Jason Aldean and Reba McEntire in recent years. Her friendship with Lambert and Shelton has created a few impromptu performances, but no recordings yet. Clarkson says fans don't get to see the real Blake Shelton she sees behind the scenes.

"It's so funny, because if you follow him on Twitter," she says, "he seems like such an a-- [laughs]. But he's not. I mean he is but in a fun way." 'The Voice' begins on NBC at 8PM ET. Be sure to check back late tonight for an update on Team Blake and the show's country hopefuls.

Watch Kelly Clarkson Talk About Helping Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'