It's no secret that Kelsea Ballerini is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and over the weekend she covered Swift's "Delicate," sharing the acoustic cut with fans on Instagram.

But she probably didn't expect to get the pop superstar's seal of approval, too.

"KELSEA THIS IS angelic, wonderful, exquisite, lovely, excellent," Swift wrote in the comments section.

Ballerini had been gushing, too, captioning her video: "Love her as a human but damn do I love her as a songwriter."

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It's a bare bones cover, with Ballerini sitting on the floor, recording herself on her cell phone — a true fan rendition from a fan with her own chart-topping singles. Swift and Ballerini have shared admiration for one another since Ballerini came onto the country music scene a few years ago. Swift picked up the country singer's debut EP in 2015 and tweeted about how much she loved it, writing: "Driving around with the @KelseaBallerini EP on repeat.. SO lovely."

They became fast friends soon after, hanging out when they find themselves in the same city and sipping coffee together, among other things. Swift even attended Ballerini’s housewarming party in Nashville, and Ballerini performed onstage with Swift during her 1989 Tour.

“It was amazing. It was so full!” Ballerini previously told Taste of Country of her housewarming party, which happened in 2016. "[Taylor] sent me a letter and a picture saying ‘thank you,’ and I looked at the picture and I’m like, ‘I cannot believe that even happened. I need to put this away right now.'"

Seems like she's still a big fan.

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