It's been hard to grapple with the tragic events at Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, but once Kelsea Ballerini was able to collect her thoughts, she turned to Instagram to share some beautiful words of wisdom.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the singer admits that's she still trying to process what happened and went through a range of emotions from "numb" to "scared" to "incredibly sad." "But then I watched the sun come up this morning. And I was reminded that each day really is a gift. And that there is still beauty around if you look for it. And that we have the ability to make people happy. To make people feel loved. And heard. And accepted," she shares. The "Love Me Like You Mean It Singer" inspires readers to realize the power they have to achieve that goal and embrace others in a positive way.

"So while I mourn the loss of the lives of our friends in Vegas, to honor them I'm going to make 58 people smile and feel seen today, I'm going to keep making and playing music like the haven it is, and I'm going to challenge myself to love harder," she continues. "Because right now, that's what I can do to make the world a little happier. They deserve that. We all do."

Ballerini is just one of many stars who have spoken out since the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of nearly 60 individuals and injured more than 500. She echoes the sentiments of Garth Brooks, who encouraged his fellow peers to continue to play music as a way to bring joy and peace to fans. "Start spreading the love, start creating the greatest power that music holds and that’s the power to heal," he says in a Facebook Live video on Monday (Oct. 2).

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