Now that Kenny Chesney has released the first single from his upcoming record and revealed the colorful album artwork, he's ready to play his new tunes for fans ... and he's found the perfect place.

And of course, it's got to be on the beach. The country star's new music reflects how he feels about life -- embracing everything that happens and truly living -- and the Flora-Bama is the best place to do all of those things.

“I’ve been holed up making a record for the last year ... and anyone who knows me knows how much I miss playing, miss the fans, but especially miss the culture the people who love this music bring with them,” Chesney explains in a release. “Obviously, this isn’t going to be one of those huge shows we do, but it’s gonna be a long day, a whole lotta music and even more fun."

The Flora-Bama is located where Alabama meets Florida -- it is literally the border of the two states. It's a mix of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Perdido Key, and the beach bar finds all walks of life, from partiers to surfers to someone right out of work. It's all about a relaxing atmosphere.

“To me, a place like the Flora-Bama is all about kicking back, being with your friends and not worrying about a thing ... just hang out and be easy," Chesney says. "I love that it’s on a border, that it’s on a beach, that it’s like the best bar anywhere people get together and just be! It’s everything the notion of 'The Big Revival' is built on: taking that time to regroup, replenish then re-engage with the passion of being truly, absolutely alive."

The Flora-Bama show -- which will be free to those who have signed up to receive a wristband -- is set for Aug. 16 and is likely the singer's only show in 2014. Visit Chesney's website for more information.

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