Kenny Rogers has partnered up with his good pal Dolly Parton again for the title track from his new album 'You Can't Make Old Friends.' You can hear a brief yet glorious snippet of their latest duet during a video interview that Rogers conducted, where he describes the song as touching, sad and wonderful! 

Thirty years after their watershed pairing for their upbeat hit 'Islands in the Stream,' Rogers and Parton have reignited old chemistry.

"It's very touching. It's poignantly sad, honestly, but it's wonderful," Rogers said about the track, admitting that he and Parton have always wanted to do another duet but they waited for the right song. It may have taken them a few decades to re-team, but better late than never or not at all.

Rogers also explained the dynamic of the duet, saying, "You don't start with the artist. You start with the song and you say, 'Who could sing this well?' Because the whole idea is for both of you to sing better than you normally do."

Even though it's a short sample, something tells us that Rogers and Parton brought out the best in one another yet again with 'You Can't Make Old Friends.'

Rogers also said that he is going for No. 8 in terms of how many decades he has had an album chart. Rogers has had an album land on the charts for seven decades and he's not about to stop there.

'You Can't Make Old Friends' drops on Oct. 8.

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