The accordion is a tough instrument to play. But this 13-year-old handles it with ease, combining his crystal-clear vocals with a prodigy-level amount of talent, perfect for the show 'America's Most Talented Kid,' which he competed on. Right from the start of his performance of Hank Williams' hit 'Hey Good Lookin'' the audience knew they could sit back and enjoy the show -- he wouldn't be messing up anytime soon.

This video was taped several years ago, because the talented singer is now 22 years old, and a shining star within country music. His name? Hunter Hayes. Yep, the one and only country cutie who has a magnetic personality, good looks, and infinite amount of talent. Even though he was just barely a teenager at the time of this taping, his gifted abilities were already clear -- a strong foreshadowing of what was to come: stardom.