Rachel Philipp is an aspiring singer who does her own covers of popular songs on YouTube. She sings various genres of music, but we're glad she dabbled in country, because her cover of Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" is nothing short of phenomenal.

At the time of her recording, Philipp was 16 years old and already had a voice well beyond her years. Armed with an acoustic guitar, Philipp begins the song with a few vocal inflections of her own before she launches in to the 2012 hit. The teenager adds some sass to the song, which really helps to get across the point that the boy is actually no good. Compared to Underwood's original version of "Good Girl," Philipp's is slowed down and focuses more on being an acoustic rendition rather than the original upbeat, fun breakup song.

Philipp has put down a a number of pop songs on her YouTube account, too, and they all somehow suit her voice. She's talented, to say the least! Check out her version of Underwood's "Good Girl" in the video above.

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