The big news of the weekend was the fact that Taylor Swift's arch nemesis Kanye West became a father. He and girlfriend Kim Kardashian welcomed a daughter, and of course, the internet is having a field day, even pulling Swift into the mix.

'Taylor Swift' acknowledged the birth on social media, and the tweet is most likely to be the work of a Photoshop genius rather than Swift herself, it was the perfect opportunity to give West a taste of his own medicine.

The mock tweet, allegedly from Swift's official account, reads:


West recently admitted his apology for crashing Swift's 2009's VMAs acceptance speech ( because he felt Beyonce deserved the award) was insincere, which further stoked the fires of their "feud" and could be the reason this tweet began circulating.

The message finds 'Swift' semi-congratulating West, only to point out that Beyonce, who birthed daughter Blue Ivy in early 2012, had a more impressive labor. Zing.

Of course, the tweet is nowhere to be found on Swift's official feed, so if she did issue it, it was quickly deleted to avoid more drama. We're more inclined to think it's a fake. Whatever the case, it's hilarious, since the Swift-West beef won't seem to die, even though nearly four years have passed since the incident.

Swift revealed recently that she keeps the photo of the moment West stole her thunder in her house as a form of inspiration.