You can't accuse Kim Lenz of riding the coattails of any other artist. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter practically invents a whole new genre with her new song, "Slowly Speeding," and its new video.

"Slowly Speeding" combines the twangy tones of rockabilly with a dark, dirge-like waltz that is sonically unlike anything else you've heard. The theme of Lenz' upcoming album of the same name is exploring an unusually intense relationship, and a press release calls the title song “a slightly off-kilter waltz for a slightly off-kilter love affair."

Lenz takes just as offbeat an approach to the new video for "Slowly Speeding," which mutes her bright red hair and lips with dark, blue-tinted filters to create a visual effect that perfectly represents the dark intensity of the song.

"My vision was to bring an ethereal, gritty, cosmic, haunting and luscious ride into the foggy abyss of falling in love," Lenz tells us of the clip. "Come fall with me."

Her "Slowly Speeding" video debuts with Taste of Country today.

"Slowly Speeding" was the first song written for the upcoming album, which is set for release on Feb. 22. Lenz was one of the leading lights of the rockabilly revival of the '90s, and she mingled early blues, classic country, and old-fashioned gospel harmonies with some of her earlier influences for Slowly Speeding, with the intent of trying to find the best tracks regardless of style. Lenz and co-producer DH Pillips draw from a wide musical palette and some top-notch players for the tracks.

The album's 10 songs trace the arc of an intense love affair from the perspective of a woman who fears that intensity might consume her. Its lyrical themes touch on love, sex and the feminine aspects of the cycle of nature.

“I think all the love and sex and nature go hand-in-hand to cement the feel of this record,” Lenz says.

For more information about Kim Lenz, visit her official website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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