Country newcomer Kira Isabella has released a playful new Christmas love song in advance of her American debut single. 'A Country Boy for Christmas' finds the 20-year-old Canadian asking Santa to bring her the perfect man on Dec. 25, and she gets specific.

"Should have eyes like Keith Urban / Be strong like Tim McGraw / Have hair like Dierks Bentley / And sing like them all," Isabella sings to begin the chorus. Later, she names qualities owned by Brad Paisley and Toby Keith, but the song's stickiest emotions come immediately afterward.

"He should love my mama and take good care of me / I want a country boy under my Christmas tree," the newcomer adds. Some may recognize Isabella from the Carrie Underwood tour. She opened several shows.

'A Country Boy for Christmas' is playfully self-centered, but it works in the way 'Santa Baby' works. "I don't mind a farmer's tan / A real cute smile and rugged hands / That go to work all day until the sun goes down," the Ottawa-raised songstress requests after specifying his height and cowboy attire.

The charming melody makes this song easy to fall for. She shows some vocal talent, taking the high notes of the final chorus to a soft lilt that wants to whip around in a breeze created by the momentary absence of sturdy guitars and drums. It's a nice moment for Isabella, one that should help her find a welcoming audience when she comes back with a serious single in 2014.

Why Fans Will Love It: Just when it seems songwriters are out of ideas for unique new Christmas songs, Isabella delivers a fun twist on the holiday love song. Her name-dropping is on target, but not gratuitous.

Key Lyrics: "He should love my momma and take good care of me / I want a country boy under my Christmas tree" 

Did You Know?: Kira does a pretty good cover of Katy Perry's hit 'Dark Horse.' Watch it at her official website.

Listen to Kira Isabella, 'A Country Boy for Christmas'