Kix Brooks has a life most only dream about, but in his 'Bring It on Home' video, he shows that even the fame, music and traveling can't quite satisfy the need for someone to share it with.

In the clip, Brooks is clearly having the time of his life when he's performing, bounding across the stage with unbridled energy and serenading fans. It's in the silence -- once the crowds have gone home and the club is empty -- that Brooks begins missing his wife, Barbara. Scenes of the singer sitting alone at a table in the vacant club are interspersed among the concert footage.

He trades a few sexy and endearing text messages with his wife, who reveals she's at home reading the popular novel '50 Shades of Grey' while he's traveling on the road. The two make plans for a rendezvous between his concerts and possibly a trip to the wine country, while his love offers alluring promises to make the visits worth his while.

Brooks says the song's lyrics, such as 'All my life I've been running,' ring true to his own life. "I’ve been married a long time, but when I met Barbara, I kind of had that feeling, because bein’ a musician and livin’ in bars, it was that point, meetin’ her, when, you know, it’s like, I think I may be ready to give up this lifestyle and try somethin’ that matters a little bit more," he reveals in a statement.

'Bring It on Home' is the second single from the former Brooks & Dunn singer's recent solo album, 'New to This Town.'

Watch the Kix Brooks 'Bring It on Home' Video