Kree Harrison's "This Old Thing" is a country throwback full of horns and soul. The one-time American Idol runner-up reinvigorates her sound with a vocal performance that could wake the dead.

Trumpets and a chorus of backing vocalists swing in the background as Harrison sings about how the sweet things in life haven't changed a bit over the years. Throwback sounds good on Kree, and with this song she's able to showcase the nuances of her voice. Ashley Monroe's "Onto Something Good" is the closest comparison in terms of singles that sound alike. It's not clear if the remainder of an upcoming Harrison album will be similarly soulful and diverse.

The feel-good vibes of "This Old Thing" leave room for a little depth. Harrison paints a delightfully nostalgic photo. If her song were to fall beneath an Instagram filter, it'd be the smokey Slumber or the time-warping Hefe. A pure vocalist is good in any era, and Harrison's new song is true to today, yesterday or your mother's yesterday.

Did You Know?: This is Harrison's debut single.

Listen to Kree Harrison, "This Old Thing"

Kree Harrison, "This Old Thing" Lyrics:

“Don’t try to tell me that anything’s changed / You ain’t gonna sell me saying back in the day / But things we’re different, it was always this way / Cause we’re still waxing them cars, shining them shoes / Getting dolled up, putting on rouge / Everything but playing it cool, playing it cool.”

“Ain’t nothing new, I’m just saying / Still no rules in this game that we’re playing / We’re all out here moving and shaking / To this old thing, this old thing / Yeah for this old thing, this old thing.”

So keep winking at me from across the room / Spin me around and around and around like they used to do / Yeah pull me in close, close as you can / Small of my back, palm of your hand / If you want more do it again, do it again.”

“Don’t it look good on ya / Feel like it should don’t it / Don’t it look good on ya / Hey don’t it look good on ya.”