Trace Adkins' 2011 American County Awards co-host Kristin Chenoweth started our her performance of her song 'I Didn't' by asking how many women in the audience had an ex-boyfriend. "Well, I've got one too," she said. "This song is for him."

That was just the beginning of the bonding that the Broadway and television actress, who is also a singer, did with the audience.

Channeling both 'modern' country artists -- by wearing a short, glittery dress and high heels -- and more 'traditional' artists with her song that told about love gone wrong and why was a big hit with the fans. As the cameras showed the audience, most of the women and even men were smiling and clapping as Chenoweth worked the stage, often leaning down to sing right to an audience member.

As she strutted around the stage singing enthusiastically about all the things "he" liked to do that she didn't -- including leaving the toilet seat up -- many women in the audience seemed to let out hearty laughs.

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