Country newcomer Kristen Kelly will release her debut EP -- featuring the hot new single 'Ex-Old Man' and three other love and heartbreak songs -- later this month. The self-titled project is set to be available digitally on Oct. 30.

After spending a summer on Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality Tour, Kelly is preparing to take her music on the road with another superstar this fall. She'll spend a weekend in the northeast with Alan Jackson beginning Oct. 18.

The Texas-born country singer has shared video of her performing an acoustic version of a new song called 'Miss Me' with Taste of Country and ToC readers. Much like 'Ex-Old Man,' 'Miss Me' will be appreciated by anyone in search of or grateful for true love. However, anyone who enjoys strong country vocals will appreciate her singing.

'Ex-Old Man' was a song written about Kelly's ex-husband and ex-best friend. It's a true story, and the singer isn't shy about putting her genuine emotions into every performance. Judging by the other two titles on the EP, 'Kristen Kelly' will be good therapy for anyone looking to get past a lousy lover.

Kristen Kelly, 'Kristen Kelly' EP Track Listing: 

1. 'Ex-Old Man'
2. 'He Loves to Make Me Cry'
3. 'Drink Myself Out of Love With You'
4. 'Miss Me'

Watch Kristen Kelly Perform 'Miss Me' Acoustic