Texas songwriter Kristen Kelly's debut single is the autobiographical 'Ex-Old Man,' a song that tells her personal story of an unfaithful lover. The plucky, mid-tempo cut showcases her big country voice, but seems written too long after the fact.

"Got an ex-old man and an ex-best girlfriend / Took his ring off my finger, gave him back his last name," Kelly sings to begin the song. "So don't judge me I'm doing the best I can / Got a damn good reason for this drink in my hand / Got an ex-old man and an ex-best girlfriend."

Her words lack outer-rim emotional punch or the vulnerability needed to season this common meal. To be fair, pouring one's self into their first go at national exposure can be intimidating. The tendency is to play it safe, and often the results taste bland.

"Now I heard it through the grapevine he's tired of her / Guess they're finally gettin' what they deserved / The last time I saw him he had the nerve to hit on me / How sleazy can you be," she asks toward the end.

The Waco, Texas-born singer proves she has a voice to compete amongst established stars in country music. She also has a team of well-known supporters (like songwriter Paul Overstreet and producer Tony Brown) fighting for her. Country Weekly was right to call her an artist to watch in 2012, but sometimes all of those eyes make it difficult to be expressive.

Listen to Kristen Kelly's 'Ex-Old Man'