Don't be fooled by the title to Kristen Kelly's latest single. She's not lamenting a boyfriend who treats her badly -- those tears she's crying are happy ones. 'He Loves to Make Me Cry' won't be released to country radio until 2013, but Kelly created this preview video to give fans a taste of what's to come.

The powerful ballad showcases exactly what this country newcomer's voice can do. Shot in black in white with a single lamp back-lighting the recording process, the video follows Kelly throughout the studio as she belts it out into a microphone.

'He Loves to Make Me Cry' is the follow-up to Kelly's 'Ex-Old Man,' which isn't quite as happy as her latest song. In fact, the tune was inspired by her ex-husband, whose cheating behavior made Kelly cry sad tears. Both tracks are on the self-titled, four-track EP that the country songbird released last month.

One listen to her soulful voice and it's obvious that this gal is going to be a big star before long. Kelly is starting her career out on the right foot by touring with Rascal Flatts, opening for the award-winning group on the winter leg of their Changed Tour. We can't wait to hear more from her!