It's getting real on The Voice, with the Season 14 Playoffs launching into full swing Monday (April 16), complete with viewer real-time voting. Things are also getting a little convoluted, in terms of how contestants are moving forward, but for simplicity's sake: The top 24 performed tonight, with one artist from each team (as voted by America) instantly advancing.

For Team Blake Shelton, that artist was Kyla Jade, a Nashville resident who's already made a name as a backup singer to such country legends as Carrie Underwood and Wynonna Judd. Jade's mission this entire season seems to be finding her own standalone voice after so many years as an accompaniment, something that Shelton has been eager to develop in the past few weeks.

Well, Jade may have finally hit that particular stride this week. She chose to perform what is one of the mightiest hymns out there (and one that her former employer Underwood is famous for), "How Great Thou Art." It was clear that Jade was not playing around with this particular selection, which stood out from everything else brought forth that evening.

Luckily, she was able to (it seems, easily) nail the beautiful, revered composition, gaining shrieks of approval from the audience right from her first couple of lines and progressing into her full-on gospel bring-down-the-house.

It didn't come as much of a surprise that she was the one chosen to instantly advance from Shelton's team this evening. But be sure to check in Tuesday and Wednesday to see who else will be moving along in the game!

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