Kylie Frey revels in her roots throughout her new EP, Rodeo Queen — a project that spotlights fiddle, steel and the real-life rodeo dreams that even won her a Louisiana High School state goat tying championship back in 2011. But while much of the six-song project centers around Frey's identity and where she comes from, her new single, "I Do Thing," looks ahead towards a new life stage.

"Oh, I never thought that I'd get caught daydreaming of being a bride / But just my luck, lightning struck and suddenly I'm changing my mind," Frey sings in the song's chorus. "I Do Thing" speaks from the perspective of a woman who never considered herself to be the marrying kind — that is, until she meets someone who makes her think twice about the solitary life.

But although Frey might be making some changes to her life plan when it comes to weddings and white dresses, the song's rousing instrumental backdrop makes it clear that she's not trading in all of her gypsy ways. Wild fiddle lines and old-school country guitarwork careen through the song at a breakneck pace, suggesting that Frey might not be settling down, but rather, she might have finally found a love interest who can keep up with her.

Did You Know?: A native of Louisiana, Frey comes from two generations of rodeo stars. By age five, she was singing the National Anthem at the events, and in high school, she was even crowned "Rodeo Queen" — which also happens to be the title of her new EP.

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Kylie Frey, "I Do Thing" Lyrics:

Wild like a mustang / It's never been my thing / To settle in one place too long / I got a habit / Of being attracted / To doing whatever I want / I'm a little more rhinestone than diamond / Go ahead and call me misguided...


Oh, I never thought that I'd get caught / Daydreaming of being a bride / But just my luck, lightning struck / And suddenly I'm changing my mind / Well, looking at you, I'm starting to think / I'm ready to do that 'I do' thing / Yeah, looking at you, looking at me / I'm ready to do that 'I do' thing

White picket fences / Just always seemed senseless / Never let my defenses down / I wasn't planning / On forever standing / More partial to running around / You're a little more keeper than throw back / You look good on me and I like that 

Repeat Chorus

I'm a little more rhinestone than diamond / Yes, I'm gonna be Mrs. Misguided / Whoops! 

Repeat Chorus

Looking at dresses, looking at rings / I'm ready to do that 'I do' thing...

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