American Idol contestant Laine Hardy took to the stage on Monday night (April 15) to perform Band of Heathens' "Hurricane." Along with his performance, he was told by host Ryan Seacrest that he made the Top 10!

"I was born in the rain / On the Pontchartrain / Underneath the Louisiana moon / I don't mind the strain / Of a hurricane / They come around every June / The high black water / A devil's daughter / She's hard, she's cold, and she's mean / But nobody taught her / It takes a lot of water / To wash away New Orleans," the Louisiana-bred Hardy sings in the chorus.

After he finished the song, all three judges were on their feet applauding him.

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Judge Luke Bryan immediately gave his reaction: "Great job, great job. Man, way to just come out here and deliver it with style..."

He was interrupted here by Judge Katy Perry, who interjected, "Smoking hot! You touch the sky and you brought the color back and you put it in your suit. You look so good, you sound so good, you're a rock star."

After Perry spoke at length about Hardy, Lionel Richie got the chance to say, "I love it. You know, a lot of people have to go away from home to make it, you took us back home. The only thing missing is your blue suede shoes. Other than that, you've got it down."

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