Thick red smoke clouds Lena Stone as she cries out the yearning lyrics to her new song, "Running Out of Red Lights," in this stripped-down music video.

The clip — premiering exclusive on Taste of Country — finds Stone on the verge of making a bad decision. Oh, she knows it — the singer is taking each green light she drives beneath as a sign.

"This ain’t going anywhere / But tonight I just don’t care," Stone sings before the chorus:

"Six blocks down from your new place / High heels never hitting those breaks / If nothing gonna stop me then it’s too late / To change my mind / Wishing I could leave you in the rear view / Cause every yellow that I run through / Gets me closer to crashing into you tonight / I’m running out of red lights / Yeah I’m running out of red lights.”

The first single from Stone's just-released self-titled EP follows "Can't Think Straight" and the much more innocent "Nervous," a love song she's been singing for years during the weekly Song Suffragettes shows in Nashville. "Running Out of Red Lights" was co-written with Adam Wood, who also has credits on three other songs on her EP. Stone says the EP is her introduction to Nashville as an artist and as a person.

"They are flirty, confident, stubborn and nostalgic," she says, "just like me."

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