Five of Nashville's most talented up-and-coming singer-songwriters paid tribute to one of the most beloved songs of all time on a recent Monday night in Nashville, when the Song Suffragettes offered up a cover of a classic that's been recorded by both Keith Whitley and Alison Krauss.

Ella Mae Bowen, Hailey Steele, Kalie Shorr, Lena Stone and Kasey Tyndall took part in this particular round, which is part of an ever-evolving lineup of aspiring young females who perform at Song Suffragettes shows at the Listening Room in Music City every week.

Shorr starts things off on acoustic guitar as she often does, strumming the chords as Stone sings the first part of the first verse. Shorr then takes over for the second half before Steele jumps in to sing lead on the chorus. Some ethereal high harmonies really help lift the chorus before Bowen sings the second verse, followed by Tyndall. There's just enough of a similar thread to honor Krauss' performance, but the women still make the song their own, demonstrating once again why the #LetTheGirlsPlay movement is becoming such a force to be reckoned with in Nashville.

Whitley first released the song in 1988, reaching No. 1, but this version borrows more from Krauss' cover, which she released in 1995 and took to the Top 5.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement began in response to the struggles female artists have been having over the course of the last several years in getting traction in country music, both as artists and in the songwriting side of the business. Taste of Country is proud to be a supporter, sharing a cover from the live shows once each week and spotlighting an individual performer once every month.

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