Sam Hunt’s hit song “Leave the Night On” sounds amazing covered by five up-and-coming country females. The Song Suffragettes troop recently closed a show with a cover of the No. 1 hit from Montevallo. Watch their performance during this Taste of Country exclusive.

Lacy Green, Krysta Nick, Kalie Shorr, Jilian Linklater and Emily Reid share the Listening Room stage, from left to right. Nick opens and holds down the acoustic arrangement. From there it’s Shorr through the first verse before Green takes the chorus. Each woman gets a chance to show off her unique skill set, although the song never strays far from Hunt’s original. We’re pretty sure he’d approve.

The Song Suffragettes close each show with an all-girl cover of a hit song in country or pop. That’s after each plays three original songs. The two-year anniversary of the Monday night showcase is coming in February, and since the show started dozens of young females have been featured.

#LetTheGirlsPlay was created in response to the lack of females having success in country music. It’s something that goes beyond just getting girls back on the radio. Female songwriters are also poorly represented, but last year saw some significant shifting after years of ignoring the problem. Taste of Country is proud to be part of the solution.

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