Kat Higgins wasn't born to sing country music, but she didn't let that stop her. This month's featured #LetTheGirlsPlay artist didn't have two musical parents, and she lived about as far from Nashville as you can get without crossing an ocean. Yet here she is, writing songs for and with Carrie Underwood while she works on her own debut EP.

Higgins shared details of her life in photos that document the early days with her family band the Higgins', and her transition to solo singer. It wasn't easy. Success found north of the border was wiped away when she made 2,500 mile drive from Vancouver to Nashville. She took a day job, which ended up having a big influence on how she creates music today.

As much as any Song Suffragettes artist featured on Taste of Country, Higgins has it all. She sings and writes and plays guitar like no one else (literally!). She's smart in the studio and gracious during interviews. One senses big things are on the horizon for this newly-married Nashvillian. Flip through her photos to learn how she got started, which celebrity caused her to freak out, and which song from Underwood's Storyteller album is her song.

Watch Kat Higgins Sing "We Go Driving"