Lindsay Ell took the eight-second challenge earlier this month, and proved she can ride a bull almost as well as she can play guitar. The country singer manages to look good doing it as well — watch as Ell grips and whips around like she's Ty Murray or something.

Because Ell still had to perform, and because she's not insane, the 27-year-old "By the Way" singer picked a mechanical bull for her first ride. She holds on for more than eight seconds, but ultimately the bull wins and she slides to her back to discuss her adventure with Taste of Country's Hilary Billings.

Next Billings gives it a try. She has lots of experience on horseback, and it shows during her lengthy ride on Fu Manchu. Yes, we gave him a name. The reason behind all this bull riding insanity at 2016 Country Jam? Because we could.

Ell performed a lengthy, high-energy set for the Colorado crowd that same day. She was a good sport throughout the afternoon, deftly showing the best way to play air guitar before her set. We got proof of that as well. Check out the video below.

It's been a pretty busy summer for the "Shut Me Up" singer. In addition to Country Jam in Grand Junction, Ell opened for Jason Aldean at the Faster Horses Music Festival in Michigan. There she took over Taste of Country's Instagram account for the day. Recently she made ToC's list of the Best Guitarists In Country Music as well.

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