Loretta Lynn is as tough as they come, but even for the queen of 'Fist City,' at 78-years-old, knee surgery is going to make you miss a few concerts. The country legend announced she'd have to postpone her March dates until an unspecified date in the future.

It doesn't look like she'll be down for long, though. On her official site, Lynn explains the whole story: "My Dr. says I have a torn cartilage in my right knee. And they need to fix it, so I had to cancel and reschedule some of my upcoming shows. It ain’t no big deal! They say I will be in and out of the hospital in a couple hours! But I won’t be walking so good for a couple weeks!" 

There's no word yet on the rescheduled dates. In the meantime, Lynn did some interviews to promote her shows before she realized she'd need the surgery, including one with where she admitted maybe getting married at age 13 was "a bad thing" and playfully called Garth Brooks a "little booger." Presumably she'll be recovered fast enough for her appearance at this year's Bonnaroo.