In a wide-ranging interview published this week, country legend Loretta Lynn admits that getting married at the age of 13 may not have been the best idea. She also humorously refers to Garth Brooks as a "little booger."

While speaking to in advance of a concert that ended up being postponed due to knee surgery, Lynn looks back with a bit of regret about getting married as a 13-year-old, and being a grandmother at age 29, but does note that she stayed married until her husband passed away in 1996.

She also says that country music has changed quite a bit since her time, but says old-time fans either have to "accept it or forget it."

We left out the nice part of Lynn's quote about Brooks, whom she actually refers to as "one of the greatest entertainers you'll ever see" while running down her current favorite artists, a list that also includes Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker.

Lynn reveals that she's working on several new albums, hasn't visited her Hawaii house since her husband's death, and that her song 'Fist City' was in fact written about a woman who was trying to steal her husband from her. She goes on to explain her fight strategy: "Get the first lick in. Get a good one in, 'cause she ain't going to be able to hurt you then."

Lynn, who's recently been cited as an inspiration by artists such as Adele and Miranda Lambert, will appear at two big concert events later this year. This March, she'll be part of a two-week parade of stars appearing at Rodeo Austin 2011, and then in June she'll turn up at the Bonnaroo Festival.