British singer-songwriter Adele admits that she pulled inspiration for her new album, '21,' from country music legends like Garth Brooks and Loretta Lynn -- artists that she hadn't been exposed to until recently.

The talented 21-year-old chats with the New York Post about how she found her newly-discovered love of country music while on the road. "My bus driver, he's from Nashville -- and you know, country and blues and bluegrass is just a part of American life, it's a niche. It's not part of our culture in England. I'm completely clueless to it," Adele says, admitting that she hadn't even heard of Brooks until fifteen months ago.

Adele adds that touring led her to find inspiration from new (to her) artists, like the Steel Drivers, early Dolly Parton and the Carter Family. "Not just June Carter and Johnny Cash -- I've known of them for quite awhile -- but I've never listened to the Carter Family stuff," the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer clarifies, as she expresses the influence country music had on her new record.

In this interview, the very pleasant young Adele also reveals a strong love of Mumford and Sons, another group of artists that have been influential in her growing career. "Whenever I hear their songs, whenever I hear Marcus Mumford's voice, it goes right through me," she says, adding with a laugh, "It actually goes into my chest and beats me up and makes me completely fearless."

Adele -- who took home Best New Artist at the 51st Grammy Awards -- releases her new album, '21,' in the U.S. today (Feb. 22).

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