When Miranda Lambert won the CMA Award for Female Vocalist of the Year not too long ago, along with it came the thrill of a lifetime: It was presented to her by her hero, country icon and legend Loretta Lynn.

Lambert tells Sign On San Diego that hen it comes to her own career longevity, she looks up to “Loretta Lynn, 100 percent. She’s a living legend. One of the reasons any female artist has a career today in country music is because of her, and she’s still making great records. I’m having a blast. But I want to be like her and make records 50 years from now.”

As for her own record breaking album 'Revolution,' Lambert knew it was special -- and she knew it would change her life.  "When I finally got the songs written that I felt were the [right] ones, we started laying down tracks for 'Revolution' and it was a new level for me. It was organic; I didn't have a goal in mind, or a style, with 'Revolution.' I just went with my gut and it worked out great," she says.

Because of the album's success, the 'Only Prettier' singer now reaches into the pop and rock world. She says that the success of her first two albums gave her confidence, and when it came time to record her third, she was a lot more relaxed. She didn’t have to prove herself any longer.

Lambert believes writing and recording songs that touch people is more important than any hit or award. She says, "I want to be remembered for songs that make you feel something. Songwriting is the most important thing to me. When I feel a song that makes me feel happy, sad, angry or whatever, songs that bring out those emotions are the songs I like best. And those are the kind of songs I want to be remembered for."

The future Mrs. Blake Shelton hopes to begin work on her next album some time this month.