Love and Theft's new album hits stores on Tuesday and features their Top 10 hit 'Angel Eyes,' as well as a new song called 'Amen.' The slow and sexy, pop/R&B influenced country track might be the cut fans of the band's are howling about after picking up the disc or downloading it from iTunes. You can hear it below in this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

"I know we shouldn't miss church, but one Sunday won't hurt," Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Grunderson sing early in the song. It doesn't take that long figure out where this song is headed. The bedroom beat and smooth guitar licks set the mood better than satin sheets and candle light.

"So why don't we give that sweet red dress you wear so well the day off / Can I get an Amen / Every once in awhile / Every now and then / Can I get an Amen," the duo add during the chorus.

'Amen' is one of the sexier country songs you'll hear this year. It'd be a bold choice for a single, but perhaps one that could launch the group to the next level of stardom.

Listen to Love and Theft, 'Amen'