Love and Theft's 'Night That You'll Never Forget' video is a huge party -- even if no one remembers it.

The duo, comprised of Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, showed their fans exactly how they throw a Love and Theft party in the clip. And it all starts with a song. The duo even invited some other country acts to join them for the bash, and you can see that several make cameos in the video.

Parmalee, JT Hodges, Maggie Rose, Joel Crouse and Michael Ray all stop by the epic party (that reminds us a lot of 'The Hangover') to join in on a "hard to remember night" that they'll never forget. The music video starts the morning after, with a lot of beer bottles and one very disheveled cop.

Flash back to the night before, when the party starts getting wild. Liles recounts the story of not intending to stay at a party very long until "this song came on." He sings the story while sipping a full drink from a mason jar. Party-goers keep turning up to rage, including a college-aged kid and a couple cops (who proceed to get nearly naked). When the enraged neighbor comes to complain, the duo has it taken care of by their biker friends.

The song is a little different than what's out on country radio right now, and Love and Theft are happy to offer something they call "fresh."

“It’s a party song, but it has a cool, laid-back feel,” Gunderson says (quote via Country Music Is Love). “A few people I’ve talked to at country radio recently said there’s a lot of stuff on the radio right now that sounds the same, and this is very fresh, and it’s a different take on a song that a lot of people are tryin’ to put out. So, we’re excited about it."

Watch the 'Night That You'll Never Forget' video and see which country acts you can spot!

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