Love and Theft member Stephen Barker Liles is expecting a son on Dec. 3, which is coming up quick. He and fiancee Jenna Michelle Kennedy have already taken care of one critical detail regarding their blue bundle of joy-- they know what they plan to name their baby boy when he makes his grand entrance into the world.

"His name will be Jett Barker Liles," Liles, who is on the right in the photo above, revealed during a radio interview. "I always liked the name Jett, and my middle name is Barker, so I am carrying on my mom’s maiden name..."

The country star is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his son, saying, "Jenna and I can’t wait for him to get here."

Jett will join Camden, the son of Liles' bandmate Eric Gunderson and his wife Emily. Camden arrived in March, so the boys will be in the same age group. Can you say, "Instant playmates"? It sounds like the makings of a future band that could carry on the Love and Theft tradition.

See a pic of the Love and Theft guys with Camden here.

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