Luke Bryan literally spun 'Play It Again' on the 2014 ACM Awards as the reigning Entertainer of the Year performed his new single on top of a large spinning record.

Blake Shelton had a moment to introduce his co-host and, of course, had to take a jab at the Entertainer of the Year nominee. “In fact, a lot of people actually think I would screw up his introduction,” Shelton says. They assume he would poke fun at him "just to get even for all the B.S. he’s done to me." Shelton assures everyone he's going to take "the high road" before he introduces his co-host "Bluke Lyran."

Bryan debuted a short hair cut, a spring break tan and a sleek look in a leather jacket for his performance. "What's up, ACMS?" he said before starting his new hit and asking fans to clap along. Bryan's smile and energy instantly hit the stage as the song started to play.

His album made an appearance as he sang. He stood on his record as it spun underneath him. Another took up the screen behind him along with videos of fans singing at his performances. The ACM crowd looked just like the video, fans danced and sang 'Play It Again' along with Bryan.

His wife was seen singing along with her husband, looking like a very proud wife, even when Bryan ended the song and did one of his silly signature dance moves.

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