The ever-humorous Luke Bryan once again displays his confidence and tongue-in-cheek humor as he reacts to being chosen as Blake Shelton’s co-host for the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards, replacing the lovely Reba McEntire. While no one could ever replace our favorite redhead, we can see lots of laughs ahead as Bryan takes the microphone.

Bryan hilariously documents his reaction to being the ACM's choice in this must-see video, found at The clip shows Bryan seated in a lavishly-decorated office, attired casually in a black t-shirt and baseball cap. The country star explains why the ACMs made a great decision, all while maintaining a straight face amidst his obvious jesting.

“I kind of feel like the ACMs really knew what they were doing when they chose someone like me," Bryan says. "Someone well-spoken, from the south, someone that's maintained their country roots.”

At the end, he showcases some witty one-sided banter, saying he will be able to “pick Blake up … keep the show rolling for when it may be slipping away from him!” Before he signs off, he grins broadly saying, “Good job ACMs!”

If that doesn’t make you excited for the 2013 ACMs, we don’t know what will. We’ll be glued to the television screen on Sunday, April 7, with our popcorn in-hand, ready for a night full of laughter.