We already know Luke Bryan is a lot like his ACMs co-host, the hilarious Blake Shelton, in their off-the-cuff senses of humor. Well, looks like Bryan is similar to Shelton, who, along with wife Miranda Lambert, was selected most desirable celebrity neighbor, in his good neighbor-ness. Bryan was boating on the Harpeth River in Franklin, Tenn. on Thursday, Jan. 11 when he saw a horse had fallen into the river. He immediately contacted rescuers and was critical in helping to save the horse's life!

According to WSMV, Bryan, who lives nearby, and a friend happened upon Misty, a 15-year-old horse, who had tumbled into the river after 15-foot fall.

Janet McCormick, the horse's owner, was beyond happy that she had such a kind and caring neighbor who acted so quickly. "It was a blessing," she said. "If they hadn’t been going down the river in the boat, I wouldn’t have known that she’d fallen in...You can’t thank anybody enough for taking an interest and being so helpful and genuine. And it’s a blessing to have good neighbors.”

A rescue team comprised of a dozen people worked hours to help to pull Misty from the river. It was a happy ending to a story that could have had a much different result. The horse is a little banged up and has a bit of a limp after her scary incident, but thankfully, a full recovery is expected.

Nice work, Luke! We'd be happy to have you as a neighbor any day of the week.