On the fourth episode of Reba McEntire's new hit sitcom 'Malibu Country,' Reba dealt with the continued uphill battles of single motherhood and the re-emergence of her cheating (and charming) ex-husband Bobby, the reason she bolted from Nashville in favor of So Cal.

Putting on a brave face and proving that she's moved on from the disintegration of her family was the overarching theme. Learning to co-parent despite being broken up was also another central piece of the plot.

This episode played to McEntire's comedic strengths, and saw her dropping sarcastic comments and making fake happy faces to show she's "over it." Reba's mother Lillie Mae and neighbor Kim did their best to prop Reba up and make her look like she's besieged by suitors now that she's single.

The scenes with a tan leather jacket-wearing Bobby were a bit awkward at first, pitting mom vs. dad. But both parents grow tremendously in the space of 20 minutes in sitcom time.

Here's what happens: Reba buys her son Cash a bike for his 16th birthday, since cycling is popular in her new California digs. Her gift is from the heart, but Bobby turns up and buys their son a cherry red sports car. The underlying theme is the plight of the mother, who is always there, but doesn't always get the credit. But Bobby's gift was meant to be an act of generosity, we'd soon find out. Even so, Reba felt it made her look bad.

Bobby, who isn't as "bad" as one might think, tells his ex that Cash wants to move back to Nashville because he has no friends. Bobby got the car to "help" him look good and to be a conduit to collecting friends. Cash's story is untrue, since he thrives in Malibu, so Reba and Bobby effectively co-parent when they realize that their son has been playing them both so they turn the tables and play him.

Lily Tomlin as Reba's mother shone during this episode, with her caustic, salty wit. She delivered the best line of the episode. When Bobby asked if she shot anyone in Cali yet, she replied, "Ain't found anyone worth shooting until today." Zing.

The subplot of the episode is chatty, vapid neighbor Kim announcing her pregnancy, which should lead to more laughs throughout the season.