On the third episode of Reba McEntire's 'Malibu Country,' she's still trying to jumpstart her life and her career, post-marital breakdown.

She's like a teenager waiting for her crush to call. Only she is not interested in a new man. She is glued to her phone because she is hoping for a producer to call her with feedback on the song 'Goodbye Looks Good on Me,' which she poured her heart into. A watched phone never rings, so Reba heads down to the producer's office to get some face time with him.

We never see the producer. Instead Reba deals exclusively with his assistant, who fears making eye contact with his monstrous boss. The never-seen boss is being set up as a looming figure so when he finally does get some screen time, it's going to be a "big reveal" for 'Malibu Country.'

When the elusive producer hears the song, he loves it, but he wants someone else to sing it… namely rapper Travie McCoy.

Reba struggles with wanting to let someone else, especially a rapper, sing her song. They compromise and agree to record together, which leads more capers, like backup dancer s called the D Cups; Reba fielding a request to wear a bikini top for a video; and the lyrics being "interpreted," among other things.

The push and pull between Reba and Geoffrey the assistant is her dream to sing it versus his dream to make it a hit.

In the end, Reba wrestles control back of her song, but the McCoy collabo ends up as a piece of YouTube mixtape content.

The subplots were also silly and funny.

The show milks other fish-out-of-water premises, with her kids June and Cash dealing with the locals teasing them about their Southern accents.

Her saucy, sour mother gets some attention due to her singing. She attracted the interest of a blond, and much younger, secret admirer, as well.

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