Mallary Hope's daughter will soon have to share her parents. Hope revealed that she and her husband, VP of Country Promotion for Curb Records Ryan Dokke, are expecting a second baby.

In a family photo posted on her Instagram account this week (April 25), Hope, Dokke and their daughter pose outside. The couple's daughter is wearing a tutu and a shirt that reads: "I'm getting promoted to big sister."

"When you find out you're going to have to start sharing Mom & Dad soon.." Hope captions the photo, her 1-year-old daughter Scarlett seen with a questionable look on her face, perhaps trying to process the news that a baby sister or brother is on the way.

Hope, who is due in November, then posted a photo of her sonogram, where she opened up about her troubled past pregnancies after suffering through two miscarriages.

"So many people go through this and I just wanted to share our story," Hope writes. "I've never been one to shy away from my honesty or share what's on my heart. I've written a song about it and hope that I am able to sing it without crying soon. I wrote it to give a voice to those babies that never make it & I have hope.. Beautiful hope that someday when I see Jesus he will be holding those tiny little babies and allowing me to show them how much I wanted them."

She adds that she is sending up a prayer for anyone who can relate to her family's struggle.

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