Maren Morris will release her debut major label album this summer, titled Hero. The Texas native co-wrote each of the 11 songs on the album as well as co-produced it with producer Busbee.

The "My Church" singer partnered with Nashville hitmakers Barry Dean, Chris DeStefano, Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally on the writing of several of the songs on her upcoming release.

"‘I Wish I Was’ is the most autobiographical song on this record and I admittedly was not the hero in that story, but I am the hero in mine," Morris says of the song, written with Hemby and Ryan Hurd. "I've come such a long way from who I was in Texas, who I am as a writer, who I am as a woman today. I think the message of this record is self acceptance and awareness, and that to me is heroic."

The album includes several of the songs off Morris' self-titled EP released last year, including "80's Mercedes," "Drunk Girls Don't Cry," "I Wish I Did" and her debut single "My Church."

During her album release week, Morris will begin touring with Keith Urban for the Ripcord World Tour 2016 on June 2 in Kansas City. Hero will be released on June 3.

Maren Morris' Hero Track Listing:

1. "Sugar" (Maren Morris/Brett Tyler/Laura Veltz)
2. "Rich" (Maren Morris/Jessie Jo Dillon/Laura Veltz)
3. "My Church" (Maren Morris/Busbee)
4. "I Could Use a Love Song" (Maren Morris/Jimmy Robbins/Laura Veltz)
5. "80's Mercedes" (Maren Morris/Busbee)
6. "Drunk Girls Don't Cry" (Maren Morris/Barry Dean/Luke Laird)
7. "How It's Done" (Maren Morris/Busbee/Natalie Hemby)
8. "Just Another Thing" (Maren Morris/Matt Dragstrem/Shane McAnally)
9. "I Wish I Was" (Maren Morris/Natalie Hemby/Ryan Hurd)
10. "Second Wind" (Maren Morris/Chris DeStefano/Shane McAnally)
11. "Once" (Maren Morris/Busbee)

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