Mark Wills is back on country radio with a new single for the first time in two years with 'Looking for America,' a powerful new tune that captures the essence of mutual feelings shared by virtually all American citizens alike.

The lyrics take a hard, honest look at how America has changed in recent years and how we, as citizens, can regain the simple values and wholesome lifestyle that make this country strong by 'Looking for America.' The song, penned by Bernie Nelson, Jeremy Bussey and Philip Douglas, was brought to Wills' attention when asked if he would sing the song's demo. After hearing the final outcome, all parties involved agreed that the song needed to be heard on a grand scale.

"It’s kind of nice because it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything out there," Wills tells Taste of Country. "It’s been pretty cool to watch this kind of take off. We specifically started it with the grassroots campaign to keep the budget down and not spend an over absorbent amount of money, but it’s reached the point now where it feels like its getting legs underneath it. I’m pretty excited."

The video for 'Looking for America' was filmed in Old Hickory, Tenn. with Marc Nicolosi behind the camera. While the video originally began as something to be viewed solely online, major country video outlets such as GAC and CMT have picked it up and added it into their regular rotation.

"The video shoot was great," Wills says. "We had a blast. I tweeted the night before, and we had about 150 people show up just to be in the video, hang out with us and have fun."

"The opening shot of the day was the end of the video where it’s me standing in the street," Wills recalls. "It was like 27 degrees, and I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. I froze to death! When you see the scenes of me driving around in the truck … what you can’t see is the heater on full blast. It was fun though. We had a good time."

'Looking for America' is currently available for purchase through all major digital outlets. Wills is currently working on a new full-length album, that will include 'Looking for America,' slated for release this summer.

Watch the Mark Wills 'Looking for America' Video

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