Mark Wills' poignant 'Don't Laugh at Me' lyrics hit really close to home for Sarah Atwell, a 17-year old with a genetic disorder. 

Atwell has neurofibromatosis or NF, a disorder with no known cure that disturbs cell growth in the nervous system and caused a large tumor to grow on the right side of her face. The teen appeared on the show 'The Doctors' on Monday (Jan. 13) to discuss her condition, and while on set, she also mentioned her favorite song, 'Don't Laugh at Me.'

"The words just jump through to me," she explained. Dr. Travis Stork said that he'd love for the audience to hear the song, and asked for it to be played. However, much to the surprise of Atwell, instead of listening to a recorded clip, Wills walked out with his acoustic guitar.

"Can I play this song for you?" he asked sweetly, adding, "You can sing along if you want to." As he sang the words, "Don't laugh at me / Don't call me names / Don't get your pleasure from my pain," the audience and the doctors teared. The heartfelt lyrics were especially powerful when sung to Atwell, who has dealt with tremendous amounts of bullying over the years.

At the end of the song, Wills winked at the teen, whispering, "That's for you."

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