It happened quite a bit in 2013. You're going along with your day, and someone posts a heartwarming video to Facebook that leaves you in a puddle of tears in less than 90 seconds ... One minute after that, you're on the phone with your kids trying to say "I love you" between sniffles and whimpers. There's no shame in it. Some of the best stories of the year were touching acts of kindness and generosity.

Our list of the five most heartwarming Stories of 2013 includes four videos of artists on stage. One or two made dreams come true for children with disabilities or an illness. At least one more just brought a kid on stage because she was so cute and sassy. And then, there's the video that made it to No. 1. With over 27 million views on YouTube, it's difficult to argue with the power of a video that includes a famous country cover. Grab a few tissues before you check out these viral, heartwarming clips.

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    Justin Moore

    Dedicates Song to Teenage Fan Killed in a Car Accident

    Justin Moore learned about Erin Clark -- a 16-year-old fan who died just days before his concert, which she'd been looking forward to -- and asked fans to pay tribute to her. The father of two is clearly shaken in this video, but simply asking for a group prayer might not have put his thoughtful act on our Top 5 list. By inviting everyone to hold a lighter or cell phone up to honor the Alabama high schooler, Moore brought more than a few fans to tears. Family and friends of the girl were reportedly in the audience that night.

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    Darius Rucker

    Joins Boy with Down Syndrome

    In November, a high school boy named Frankie Antonelli took the stage for a spirited rendition of 'While I Still Got the Time,' a Darius Rucker song from his 'Learn to Live' album. Antonelli has Down syndrome, but that certainly didn't slow him down. The performance would be worth watching even if Rucker didn't turn up on stage near the end. The audience at this high school talent show was in disbelief, and the two men sang and embraced. It was a great moment for the boy, and surely Rucker enjoyed it, too.

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    Luke Bryan

    Invites 6-Year-Old Girl on Stage

    As far as we can tell, Luke Bryan doesn't make a habit of pulling little girls out of the crowd to sing along with him, and he may cut it out after this little girl stole the show over the summer. Sporting pigtails and plaid, Kylee took over 'Someone Else Calling You Baby.' There's no bashful in this little cutie -- she takes full advantage of her opportunity to sing with the ACM Entertainer of the Year. The clip is nearing two million YouTube views.

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    Taylor Swift

    Sings With 7-Year-Old Emma Routh

    You may never see a bigger smile than the one on the face of Emma Routh, a 7-year-old afflicted with a rare blood disorder called Fanconi Anemia. She's battled all her life, but no one would know she was sick when she sprung into Taylor Swift's arms during 'Sparks Fly' at a concert in Charlotte, N.C. in March. Today, Emma is still battling, but her Facebook page shows the little girl smiling and living a normal life as of December 2013. She's hoping to get to 70,000 followers on FB by Christmas. You can follow her journey here.

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    Adorable Baby

    Tears Up While Mom Sings Sara Evans Song

    Sara Evans covered Rod Stewart's 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' in 2011, but neither superstar can top the performance one mother delivered to her young daughter. The 10-month-old seems to understand mom's pain -- or maybe she's just tearing up because of the beauty of mom's voice. Either way, her tears acknowledge something too complex for most babies her age. Heck, most men wouldn't understand it!

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