Best of 2013

5 Most Heartwarming Moments of 2013 [Watch]
It happened quite a bit in 2013. You're going along with your day and someone posts a heartwarming video to Facebook that leaves you in a puddle of tears in under 90 seconds. One minute later you're on the phone with your kids trying to say "I love you" between sniffles whimpers.…
10 Songs That Should Have Been Hits in 2013
There's dozens of reasons why some songs fall short of becoming true country "hits." Sometimes a brilliant recording is just too edgy for mainstream radio. Sometimes an artist doesn't get a push from his or her record label. And some songs simply fall through the cracks; they get…
10 Biggest Stories of 2013
Two country deaths make this list of the 10 biggest stories of 2013. There's also one birth, one amputation, an arrest and a shiny trophy. It was a strange year, with more highs, lows, excitement and head-scratching moments than one remembers in previous years.
10 Sexiest Men of 2013
Almost all of the singers on our Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2013 list are as dedicated to their physical fitness as they are to their music. Muscles grow larger, shirts get tighter, jeans begin to fit like a wetsuit. Go ahead and drink these country studs in -- they're not bashful.
Best Music Videos of 2013
The best music videos of 2013 pack a two-hour movie's worth of drama into three to six minutes of silent action. In most cases, there's no dialogue to aid the story telling. The artist and his or her director have to rely on the song and sharp acting to get a message through to fans. These…
10 Things We’re Thankful for in 2013
It's been a wild year in country music. There have been tragedies and triumphs, reasons to celebrate and devastating moments sadness. There have been brilliant new songs and albums, and others that make fine coasters. Many tweets and videos brought a tear to ones eye, while others were cringe-w…

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