Almost all of the singers on our Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2013 list are as dedicated to their physical fitness as they are to their music. Muscles grow larger, shirts get tighter, jeans begin to fit like a wetsuit. Go ahead and drink these country studs in -- they're not bashful. 

Of course, confidence and personality make the man, and hotties like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are overflowing with both. These 10 sexy stars were chosen on looks and personality above all else, with tie-breakers going to the star whose career is sizzling hot right now. You'll find these guys all over the television -- as if we don't have enough distractions -- and hopefully you'll get a chance to see one or two working hard in concert soon. Splurge for the good seats, they make it worthwhile.

  • Tim McGraw

    Chris McKay / Frederick Breedon, Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: It's obvious that he's got that whole tall, dark and handsome thing going on, but it's Tim McGraw's tender love for his wife Faith Hill and their three daughters that makes him one of the hottest country singers around. This sex appeal is only intensified when you listen to his heartfelt hits like 'Don't Take the Girl,' 'Just to See You Smile' and 'My Little Girl.' Plus, even though the years keep passing by, nothing seems to age McGraw's chiseled jaw line and rockstar abs. At 46, he just keeps getting better with age -- we can't imagine how handsome he'll be at 60! Sexy seniors, anyone?

  • Brett Eldredge

    Rick Diamond (2), Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: Brett Eldredge's bright blue eyes are so striking that it's hard to focus on his music -- or anything, really -- when he's performing right in front of you. Luckily, Eldredge combines his model-worthy hairstyle, adorable smile and sexy eyes with some serious singing and songwriting skills. The 'Don't Ya' hitmaker admitted after a stint on Taylor Swift's Red Tour that when it comes to performing, he just does his best to turn on the charm and win over new fans. Mission: Accomplished, whether he's on or off the stage!

  • Dierks Bentley

    Christopher Polk (2), Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: With his piercing baby blues, curly blonde hair and scruffy beard, it's hard not to crush on Dierks Bentley's boy-next-door good looks. But perhaps the hottest thing about Bentley is that he isn't relying on his good looks to boost his career (although his sexy swagger certainly isn't hurting anything). With major hits like 'Home,' '5-1-5-0' and 'Am I the Only One,' the country crooner has the talent to match his good looks.

  • Jake Owen

    Neilson Barnard, Getty Images / Twitter

    Why He's Sexy: Two words: washboard abs. Before he made his living recording and performing summer anthems for country music fans, Jake Owen spent his free time catching waves and rays in Florida. A lifestyle in the sun and sand has paid off. The 'Alone With You' hitmaker is tall, tan and chiseled, and he has the kind of smile that will stop you in your tracks -- a seriously sexy combination.

  • Florida Georgia Line

    Christopher Polk / Earl Gibson III, Getty Images

    Why They're Sexy: Although they don't look too much alike, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line are a handsome dynamic duo. Kelley has an easygoing smile and sweet blue eyes that make him seem like the boy next door, while Hubbard's long messy hair and edgy style give him that bad boy kind of sex appeal. In interviews, both members of FGL are always good-natured, funny and easygoing, which makes them even hotter.

  • Keith Urban

    Mark Davis / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: There's something majorly attractive about a man who can play the guitar. And in addition to being one of the most talented guitarists in country music, Keith Urban boosts his sex appeal with his long hair, rugged facial features and shy smile. Plus, Urban appeals to ladies who love a good family man, thanks to his tendency to dote on his gorgeous wife Nicole Kidman and their two daughters.

  • Blake Shelton

    Rick Diamond, Getty Images / NBC

    Why He's Sexy: There's really nothing sexier than a man who can make you laugh -- and Blake Shelton has that aspect of hotness covered. Besides his hilarious persona, the multi-talented country artist and judge on 'The Voice' is easy on the eyes, with his piercing eyes, adorable smile and sexy thick head of hair. Now that he's chopped off his long, luscious... mullet... Shelton makes the list of sexiest male country stars year after year.

  • Kip Moore

    Slaven Vlasic / Christopher Polk, Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: It's not often that you catch Kip Moore on stage or in the press without a hat on. And there's something about his red baseball cap (especially when worn backwards) that adds to his adorable boyish looks. Pair that with Moore's scruffy beard and playful smile, and he definitely has the chops to land on the Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2013 list. Although Moore is one of the hottest rising stars around, he has admitted that he's trying to steer clear of the ladies and focus on his career. A man who's hard to snag? That's about as sexy as it gets.

  • Kenny Chesney

    Larry Busacca / Rick Diamond, Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: If you've seen a shirtless Kenny Chesney in one of the country star's summer-loving music videos (or here), you already know why he made the Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2013 list. Talk about a buff bod! Plus, the longtime country music star has soulful blue eyes that you could get lost in for days. Of course, there's more to everyone than what meets the eye -- even though we're loving Chesney's looks. The award-winning music mainstay is always approachable and likeable in interviews, which only makes him sexier.

  • Luke Bryan

    Rick Diamond / Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Why He's Sexy: In the past, Luke Bryan's super sexy hip shaking moves have been enough to land him on the Sexiest Male Country Stars list. But in recent years, the 'Crash My Party' hitmaker has matured into an even sexier, more mature star. Bryan has won several awards for his musical talent, and fans have seen him become an adorable father of two. Luckily, he still has an unforgettable white smile that he flashes all the time because he's such a charmer.