Lady A

Lady A may never have existed if not for MySpace. That's where Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley first met, but it wasn't until she recognized him at a Nashville music club that she joined him and his former middle school classmate Dave Haywood in the new group they were forming. They achieved instant success with their first single, "Love Don't Live Here," which reached No. 3. Their third single, "I Run to You," gave them their first No. 1 hit, but it was their fourth single, "Need You Now" -- the lead single from their sophomore album -- that proved their career breakthrough, winning them crossover success, headliner status and an armload of awards. Subsequent songs like "Just a Kiss," "Downtown" and "Bartender" have seen the group expanding their parameters with more up-tempo songs and contemporary productions, which has helped them grow into one of the most successful headlining acts in country music today.

  • Founding Date: 2006 in Nashville, Tenn.
  • Top Songs: “Need You Now,” “Downtown”
  • Did You Know? Hillary Scott’s mother is country singer Linda Davis, and Charles Kelley’s brother is pop singer Josh Kelley.
  • Further Reading: Top 10 Lady A Songs

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