Dreams do come true, thanks to kind-hearted singers like Darius Rucker. The country singer made a surprise appearance at a high school talent show to duet with Frankie Antonelli, a teen with Down syndrome.

While Rucker is a long way from high school talent shows with a several-decade, multi-platinum career, he is still a hometown boy at heart. He never forgets where he came from.

Antonelli was singing Rucker's 'While I Still Got Time' in front of a packed auditorium. At the 3:20 mark in the video above, Rucker himself hits the stage of Wando High School in his native South Carolina to help Antonelli finish the song. Needless to say, the crowd was delighted by its guest, breaking into cheers.

It was quite a duet, with the twosome performing next to one other and Rucker putting his arm around Antonelli's shoulders while they crooned. They hugged it out when they finished, too.

Rucker has a history of warming the hearts of young people and helping their voices shine. At the 2011 ACM Awards, he performed 'Music From the Heart' with several developmentally disabled young adults. Do yourself a favor -- relive that heartfelt moment here.


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