Martina McBride's former record label, RCA Records, is giving her fans something extra to look forward to in 2012. On Jan. 17, the label will release an album entitled 'Hits and More,' which will feature some of McBride's career classics, as well as a few bonus tracks.

The 20-song collection will include the singer's biggest hits, including 'Independence Day,' 'Wild Angels,' 'A Broken Wing,' 'Valentine,' 'Wrong Baby Wrong' and 'Anyway,' among others. In addition to the familiar tunes, the album will also feature three brand-new songs that have never been released: 'Surrender,' 'Straight to the Bone' and 'Being Myself.'

McBride and RCA Records parted ways late last year after 18 years of making music together. During that time, McBride released nine studio albums: 'The Time Has Come' (1992), 'The Way That I Am' (1993), 'Wild Angels' (1995), 'Evolution' (1997), 'Emotion' (1999), 'Martina' (2003), 'Timeless' (2005), 'Waking Up Laughing' (2007) and 'Shine' (2009). McBride has sold more than 18 million albums to date, making her one of the highest selling female singers in the country music genre.

This past October, McBride released her latest album, 'Eleven,' with new label home Republic Nashville. The album has already produced two singles: 'Teenage Daughters' and her current Top 15 hit, 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It.'

Martina McBride 'Hits and More' Track Listing:

1. 'My Baby Loves Me'
2. 'Independence Day'
3. 'Wild Angels'
4. 'A Broken Wing'
5. 'Valentine' (With Jim Brickman)
6. 'Happy Girl'
7. 'Whatever You Say'
8. 'I Love You'
9.  “Love's the Only House”
10. 'Blessed'
11. 'Where Would You Be'
12. 'Concrete Angel'
13. 'This One's For the Girls'
14. 'In My Daughter's Eyes'
15. 'Anyway'
16. 'Ride'
17. 'Wrong Baby Wrong'
18. 'Surrender'
19. 'Straight to the Bone'
20. 'Being Myself'

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